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    New Limit on Displayed Syslog Messages


      After installing NPM 10 with SP1 the Orion syslog viewer from the WEB interface appears to now have a system limit of 2000 messages per screen. There was no limit in ver 9x.


      Does anyone know if this new limit can be changed? We would like the ability to bump this limit up if possible. I have searched through the admin doc but there is no specific reference to the limit.

      Thanks for any input

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          I had a go at resolving your query by altering the Web-SyslogMaxMsgPerPage value in the webusersetting table from 2000 to a higher number. I have included details on how to do this below. I had altered webuser settings in the past without difficulty.

          This time however it did not go as smoothly. For some reason after I alter the value for 'Web-SyslogMaxMsgPerPage' it changes in the database and remains changed in the database even if I close the database manager down and restart it, which is exactly what I would expect. But if I open the web GUI and try to show syslog messages above 2000 it still doesn't work. Next if I go back to the database manager and check the 'Web-SyslogMaxMsgPerPage' value again it has changed back to 2000. I have also tried to reduce to limit to below 2000 this also didn't work and exhibited the same behaviour.

          (I had accessed the table in RW mode in every instance)

          Perhaps there might be some sort of caching going on for this value in IIS which might be resolved with a reload of IIS once the value has been changed in the DB but I am unable to this during operating hours.

          To change this value you need to access the Database manager

           Start>Programs>Solarwinds Orion>Advanced Features>database manager

          Open your database and scroll all the way to the bottom of your tables until you see a table called 'Webusersettings' Do a 'right-mouse-click' and 'query table'. In the window that appears change the radial dial from read only to 'Read Write' hit refresh. These settings are grouped by user account with the user account names in the first column. Scroll down until you see the account name you wish to alter the limit on then find the row entitled 'Web-SyslogMaxMsgPerPage' . The cell next to this name should be the value for the limit you need to alter.

          If you can afford to change this setting and reload IIS I would suggest trying it, just remember that your web GUI will be down breifly while IIS reloads.

          Let me know how you get on!


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              Thank you for the information. I have been out for a week but one of my coworkers tried the process you described. He experienced the exact same results you described. Even when IIS was restarted the value changed back. I thing the limit was set to improve performance of MPM, if so it only follows that the application was coded to prevent the value from being changed above the 2000 line limit.


              Thanks again for your input, at this point it is not an issue I need to resolve.



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                  The restriction to max 2000 rows is hardcoded in the web page.

                  I found that the resource "Last xxx Syslog messages" is not restricted, so you can use it instead, and specify whatever limit you need

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                      Yeah I saw that with the "Last xxx Syslog messages" wasn't restricted but it's not really of much use just as well to use the syslog app on the server. Just hope they don't have any plans to get rid of it.

                      Would be good if admins were exempt from this limit

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                          Hi Ciaran--

                          I'll mark that for the PM.


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                            In the Orion/NetPerfMon/SysLog.aspx.cs file at approximately line 170 there is text that looks like:

                            _maxRecords = Math.Min(Math.Max(_maxRecords, 0), 2000);

                            And in Orion/NetPerfMon/SyLog.aspx at line 108 there is:

                            MinValue="0" MaxValue="2000" ValidatorText="<img src='/Orion/images/Small-Down.gif' title='Value must be a valid integer from 0 to 2000'/>" />

                            If you change these 2000 to some other number then you change your valid maximum.


                            If you run a repair or install a service pack, or rerun the configuration wizard you will have to do these steps again.  The website will recompile when you make these changes.

                            This hard code was done for performance, but you can change the code and then be free.