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    Vlan vs Interfaces


      I am just now trying to wrap my head around NTA. It appears we are getting flows from almost all our vlans. This seems like ALOT of flows.  After watching the NTP 1 video they said pick most expensive links, internet connections at 1st. Start small and work your way up. So should i turn off the flows on all the vlans and hit better interfaces or is the setup with all the vlans proper? 

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          From my perspective, this just depends on what's important to you.  If you need to narrow down what physical port certain traffic types are traveling across, narrowing the traffic to a specific VLAN doesn't always give you that answer.  This could limit you when you are troubleshooting an issue.  If you are strictly using this for usage reporting, then it's a great way to save on the number of interfaces you need to enable Netflow for though. 


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