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    Licensed Enterprise but only 20 devices

      We purchased a licensed Enterprise version of Kat Tools but after I

      add the 20th device the add button greys out. What can I check or do?



      Todd Kroeker

      Sr Support

      Prairie Band Casino and Resort 

        • Re: Licensed Enterprise but only 20 devices
          Steve Welsh

          Hi Todd,

          Sometimes the CatTools Service doesn't pick-up the license change properly and requires a restart.

          Please follow these steps to see if this fixes it:

          1) Shut down the CatTools Manager interface (UI)
          2) Stop the 'CatTools' service (or 'Kiwi CatTools' service if using a version prior to 3.5.0) from within the Windows Services Manager (by typing services.msc in the START (Button) > RUN dialog)
          3) Restart the Manager interface (you will probably see an error message in relation to the CatTools Service not being available, but just click OK to continue).
          4) Restart the 'CatTools' service again and wait for a couple of seconds for the Manager to pickup the Service is running again.

          This should have resolved the issue.

          Please let me know how you get on.