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    How long does Orion take to boot?


      We’ve just applied an upgrade across our 5 polling engines and extra website hosting SLXs of all of the Orion modules and spread over 3 sites. This is a 24x7 business and we were granted a 90 minute window to complete the change. It took us about 100 minutes to hand the system back to the Ops folk and we told them that it would be a bit sluggish while the system baselines. Sure enough, it was sluggish for a couple of hours and then began responding more quickly, returning to normality in about 4 hours and this is what we’ve come to expect.

      I was then told that “the systems going really slowly”. “Oh that was an hour or so ago”. But then I was asked how I checked for the status of the baselining, how long would it take, even, has it finished yet? I was a bit embarrassed that I have no idea how to check for this. After a re-start I normally log onto each of the servers and run the System Manager for a little while to confirm that each of my engines can communicate with SQL and at least some of the target elements, but the System Manager’s baseline is totally separate from the normal Orion baseline operation.

      Is there a way to tell?

      I've just found an event that said "Network Baseline on Engine (MyOrionEngineName) Completed." I've never noticed this in the past! I guess I could search on this to confirm that the baseline has finished on each of my polling engines, but it still doesn't tell me how far it is might be through or when it may finish.