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    Customise Report Graphs & Charts


      For over a year I have setup custom reports for management based on data collected from our NAM modules. This was sql data and sql reporting services used to customise and view.

      The reports are not fussy, simple 'actual' figures shown over various timelines. See attached.

      I am trying to view a simple graph for an interface that just shows the 'Actual' bps transmitted and recieved for the time period selected in the chart... simple yes?

      No, it seems I can only choose 'average' figures or Min/Max/Average In/Out etc which is not was is required at all.

      I just want two realistic lines or be able to add trends showing the actual figures. Now I can quite easily do this in SRSS but If i did this, can i have this report show on the interface page?

      Please can someone get back to me, as so far after 1 weeks install I am seriously doubting whether the software can do the job we purchased it for! Sorry...