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    Major report problem in NPM 10.0 SP1



         Just checking to see if any of you are having the same experience with reports that we are.  In version 9.5 we were having a problem where reports on report writer and the same report from the web page were not showing up grouped and sorted correctly.  Basically the web version as well as emailed reports which are the same as the web version were incorrect.  I was told by support that the problem was a known bug and would be fixed in version 10.  Well I'm at version 10.0 SP1 and not only is it not fixed, it's worse.  The web version of the reports are not showing all the data that the report writer version is showing, and to make matters worse, I was just told by support that the problem was NOT scheduled to be fixed in version 10.  THis essentially makes web access of reports other than SQL useless.

      Any one else?


      One very very very ****** off user......