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    Custom Object Resource


      I like the idea of being able to drop and node or interface onto a summary page but I have a couple of issues particularly with the adding interfaces.

      It would be far far easier that rather than getting a 99 page list of all the interfaces that NPM is monitoring with no way other than Interface description as being a way of identifying them that you select the node and then the interface from a list.

      Also when I've added an interface to the summary page it just shows the Interface description and not the details of the node it represents, all our edge switches have a label on the uplink as uplink to core simple when only looking at single switch info its straightforward but having it like this in a summary view would be no use at all as you wouldn't know what Node it represented.

      If you can add the node name to any interface added to a summary page it would be useful to have this link through to the node page itself.