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    Spacing nodes properly in maps

      Hi All,

      I am trying to create a map for my Data Center but when I drag a bunch of nodes on the map, they are all huddled together and look terrible.  The names overlap one another and I can't seem to get them spaced properly.  I have used the Vertical and Horizontal allignments, and distribution evenly, they make it look even worse.  If anyone has experienced this and knows how to correct it, I would greatly appreciate it.



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          I've never really had an issue spacing nodes in Atlas before.  When I space, I select the nodes and labels separately, because the labels move when the nodes move.  So, I will select only the nodes, horizontally or vertically align, and then grab just the labels and align those as well.  You can drag and drop the nodes or the labels as a group if they are all selected and space accordingly.