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    Export to PDF


      I noticed this isn't down on the list of improvements in the beta, is it something that's being developed for a later release as I've just used it and found the output could come in really useful for exporting and e-mailing to anyone who may not have direct access.

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          Ah good catch, this should be ready to bang on some and give us feedback.  You should be able to use report scheduler too.

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              Tried an export of a interface resource and its exported the interface details OK but the graphs its putting in links through to NPM not the graphs themselves. Is this how it should export?

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                  Also anything to wide for the page it just chops without any warning.

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                      Cutting off the page on wide views is a bug that will need addressing.

                      Regarding the graphs not showing, we are moving towards ensuring everything is drawn before the conversion. In the meantime you should be able to adjust a config file setting to allow it to wait a little longer to allow the chart to render:

                      Locate the file:

                      <Orion installation dir>\ExportToPDfCmd.exe.config

                      And in the section:

                      <setting name="ConversionDelay" serializeAs="String">

                      Set the delay a little longer (HH:MM:SS).  I would suggest starting at about 15 seconds.