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    Dependencies (How will they work)


      I read through the previously posted Dependencies thread and I know it's not done, but I was wonder how it was going to work.  My situation is this,  I have multiple network closets and one WAN link.  Will we be able to have multiple parents, or just one parent and everyone else would be children. 


      What i'm wonder if is I can say my edge router is the parent for this entire site.  If this parent is down, supress all other down messages from the site.  But if one of the distribution switches in my closet is down, only supress the down messages from the rest of the switches in that closet.  What will be the intended functionality of this?

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          Dependencies is going to rely on a new status called unreachable.  When you have child node of a parent, and we detect that the parent is down, we'll mark the node as unreachable instead of down.  That way, any alerts you have for "down" won't pick up the new status.

          For the case above, you could set up two dependencies.  The first would have the WAN link as the parent, and everything else as a child.  The second would have the distribution switch as the parent, and everything else as children.

          For cases where you have redundant WAN links, you'd want to define a group that contain both parents.  As long as at least one of them are up, then the children will be marked as down.  If both of them are down, then the children will be unreachable.


          Does that help give you all an idea of what we're going to be doing?