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    Intended Function of Groups


      So i am playing around with groups and I created one called BOE CORE.  Inside "BOE Core", i created a child group called "Access Switches".  I see Access Switches listed as a nested group, but I also see it outside of the BOE CORE Group.  Is this expected results or not?  If it is, it's pretty confusing.  Maybe it should only show inside the parent folder and not in both places.

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          We've reproduced and I agree this doesn't make any sense.    The child group should only appear once under the group which it was created.    

          When you view the All Groups resource on the Group Summary view, does it show properly there?    This may just be a bug with our Group Management page.

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              Nope.  On the Group Summary view under All Groups it looks exactly like it does in the management window.

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                  Ok, thanks!   We'll definitely get this resolved before our next beta.

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                      I visited the forum to ask about the possibility of creating nested groups, i thought we cannot do it but looking at this post it seems we can, maybe i am missing something here.

                      Please i want to know how can i create nested (or parent/child) groups?

                      I suggest adding the option of grouping nodes in the Summary page using groups, just like custom properties.

                      For example, I could create a group for each team withing the IT department, X, Y, and Z. Each team owns some devices, i would group those devices by role, for example, security, WAN. And then on the summary page, i would like to have a view the groups X, Y, Z, and then when i expand X, i would like Security and WAN groups to appear. After expanding Security I would see the devices inside that group.

                      I have this method already implemented but by using custom properties, but now since groups are added its more logical if i can do it this way.

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                          You can create nested groups in Group Management:

                          1. Go to Group Summary view and click on 'Managed Groups' button on 'All Groups' resource
                          2. Click 'Add new group' button to add root level group
                          3. Add Nodes to this group
                          4. Go back to 'Manage Groups' page and now select previously created root level group.
                          5. Click 'Add new group' -> since you have selected another group before clicking on button. The new group will be created as nested group of that root group.

                          As alternative, you can add a group to another one the same way, how you add Nodes.

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                    I think you meaned that in "Manage Groups" the Nested Groups are shown twice.

                    In the Summary All Group View it's all correct

                    I expierence this view also in the latest RC2.

                    I also would like that in the Manage view a Group should only be shown once under the Parent Group.

                    By the way. I love this new wonderful feature ! :-)