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      Just created my first alert dependency and like what I see my only issue at this point is that once I've created the dependency it doesn't show up in the manage dependencies list. If I try and create exactly the same dependency it tells me it already exists so its there but just now showing in the list.

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          Dependencies is not fully ready yet for testing in beta1, it is still a work in progress

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              Hey Brandon,

              Is there a list of the features that need testing in Beta 1 vs the ones that aren't ready yet?  I had the same problem as jonchill on dependencies, but until I read this post, I assumed it was ready to be tested.  It might help keep the beta forums from getting a bunch of posts about thing that you already know don't work yet.


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                  • Orion Active Directory Authentication with Group Support
                  • Cisco UCS Support
                  • Fiber Channel monitor depth for Cisco MDS, Brocade and McData
                  • Orion Groups (nodes, interfaces, volumes)
                  • Mobile Alert View
                  • Ability to create custom SQL advanced alerts
                  • Enable, disable, and delete Advanced Alerts in the web console 
                  • Acknowledge Alerts via link in email alerts
                  • Ability to add specific node, interface, volume resources to Summary Views


                  • Orion Groups (nodes, applications, monitors)
                  • Ability to change WMI Namespaces
                  • Views by Application Type
                  • Alert email formatting changes
                  • Timeframe selection for APM resources

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                    Have you had a chance to check out dependencies in the latest beta2 build?