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    The evolution of report writing and alerting interfaces


      Doing a lot of work in report writer and alert manager is very time consuming.  You may be thinking no its not it takes only 5 minutes to make even a complicated alert.  You would be correct, but multiply that by 25 or 50 or even 100 alerts and you will be staring at the screen for some time. 

      I think to evolve report writer and alerting and other alert interfaces like traps and syslog it must change to an object based interface instead of an interface based off on linear lists. 

      Dragging and dropping would be much faster and possibly less error prone than selecting a single option from a list with 500 entries. 

      Other items would also greatly enhance the interface:

      -the ability to change options/values on mutliple alerts/reports at once (IE change the destination email address)

      -the ability to sort/view alerts by different given values (IE show me all alerts that send emails)

      -having the alert interface show which alerts would affect a given node would be handy (IE show me all alerts that would be triggered by node X)