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    Syncing NPM with Allied Telesis AT-CV5M01 management card

      We have an Allied Telesis AT-CV5000 Media converter (Copper TO Fiber) and have installed a management card that is suppose to monitor the other interfaces that are converting, but when I “add new device” within NPM, it prompts me with a message that says “does not support the interfaces MIB.”


      I know this may seem like a dumb question, seeing how it kind of gave me the answer that this new card does not support some aspects of this application, but my questions is: does anybody have any experience with this type of technology and whether or not they got it to sync with NPM….


      I do understand that I have some configuring to do on the device itself, but all I need to see are the alerts that are prompted within the management card of the down interfaces, which would then be routed to NPM to send me a notification of them being down.