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    Password to SecureCRT from CatTool

      No matter what I change on CatTools I cannot get it to put the information properly into the SecureCRT popup boxes for username and I assume password because I'm not getting past username...


      Thanks so much for any help..prob missing something right in front of my face..

        • Re: Password to SecureCRT from CatTool

          Hi Q2SUPHOMIES - 

          Sorry to bring you bad news - but SecureCRT isn't supported in CatTools.  The reason why it hasn’t been added yet is due to the pop-up authentication boxes.   Because this requires user interaction to populate, it would stall the activity when running as a service (i.e. when you have the UI closed).

          We've had this issue come up a few times - and we'll look into what we can do to work around this issue.