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    Connect to Network Performance using Scom Orion Management Pack problems

      Hi All,

      In our organisation we use Orion by Solarwinds to monitor performance of our network switches.

      I am going through the configuration wizard however i'm getting stuck at the first point. Setting up connection to the server.

      Firstly I have tested that I can connect to the Orion console and log in with the correct credentials from the Opsmgr Server. All works perfectly.

      However a requirement that all websites needs to be HTTPS, Orion is no exception and our network guys have made the Network Peformance Monitor HTTPS, is this compatible from the Orion Management pack?  At the moment i am trying to change the orion web console port to 443, however this does not work. 'could not connect'.

      As I am able to connect directly to orion from the same box I don't believe its a firewall issue. Is there something else I can try?

      Many thanks