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    Main script error: Out of memory: 'ct.RemoveHeader' on line: 56


      This is a new error that started appearing.  Anyone happen to know anything about it?
      I rebooted the Cattools server, maybe that will take care of it.


      Server is Windows 2008 Standard SP2


      Error with schedule: Report.Port info table (ALL SWITCHES)

      CatTools 3.5.0
      18 July 2010, 12:17:27


      Date stampDevice nameError description
      2010-07-18 12:17:27CatTools ServiceMain script error: Out of memory: 'ct.RemoveHeader' on line: 56

        • Re: Main script error: Out of memory: 'ct.RemoveHeader' on line: 56
          Steve Welsh

          Hi Mike,

          The error is occurring when CatTools is trying to create the report file to email.   Seems you are running out of system resources.   Did the reboot fix it?

          You may also want to check that the 'Overwrite existing report file' option on the 1st tab of the Activity setup screen has been selected.  Without this item checked, you will append data to the existing Port Info master report text file, instead of creating a new one.   This should also improve system resource issues.