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    Method for Orion NPM to export a network status summary every few minutes?

      I want to be able to manipulate a condensed network summary outside of Orion NPM, and therefore need to extract from Orion the current number of nodes that are down, interfaces that are down, and possibly number of un-acknowledged critical events.  I'm assuming if I understood the NPM Sql server schema that I could extract this every 5 minutes using SQL query, but does Orion support any of this directly?  I don't see any way in Orion to create alerts based on conditions within Orion itself, like a change in the number of down nodes, number of un-acknowledged alerts, etc.

      Or would I be better pursuing through an API that I see mentioned in the forums as available through some form/NDA with Solar Winds?

      First use of this information will be to drive a single line LED wallboard.



      Jamie Goldstein