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    Creating labels on nodes with multiple instances

      I have created a poller to examine MLT errors on Nortel/Rapid City switches.  I have also created a custom chart to display this data.  So far, so good - everything functions as designed.  My question/issue is that for a given switch, there are (for example) six instances (or interfaces) that I am gathering data for.  Unfortunately, there is no relationship between the MLT instances and the Interface ID's and Labels.  The labels for these six instances are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  If this were a single instance, I would be able to choose "Custom Label" and I would be able to provide a name for the single instance.  For multiple instances, however, the capacity to label multiple instances is not available (or I haven't found the location).

      Alternatively, I could choose "Use Labels from a Table Column".  As indicated, above, this is where the 1, 2, 3. . . come from.  These numbers are taken from a table column named "rcStatMltEtherMltId".  Unfortunately this column is populated with Integer ONLY snmp data. 

      There is a third alternative.  There is a separate table - unrelated to the table from which the data is polled - that contains a column labeled "rcMltName".  This column contains the actual names of the instances.  Is there a method that will allow me to poll data from one table and use the labels from another table?


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          Has there been a resolution for this?

          I am runnig into a similar issue where the 'Name' Table doesn't exist or is not supported in the polled MIB tree. I am polling a table with multiple values responding, each representing a different 'channel'. I have acquired the individual 'channel' names manually but am only able to add a single entry into the custom label field.

          I may have a work around for this if you are running NPM ver 10 or above which would involve using the new feature that allows multiple UnDP's on a single graph. I am unable to try this at the moment as I'm experiencing a bug which prevents me from accessing this feature.

          As a very low-tech and quick work around I have used the 'SubTitle #2' text box as a legend to describe what each number represents. This text box is accessed in the chart 'EDIT' option within the website. Note: This can potentially give rise to additional complications if the amount/names of the returned values differ per device polled by the UnDP.