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    Can IPMonitor send a daily email out ?

    Andrew Story

      Hi all,


      Just need an email sent out everyday so I know emails are working OK, if that makes sense?

      Had an incident where our AV blocked emails for a while and missed numerous alerts.

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          Hi Andrew,

          You can do this by going to "Configuration -> System Settings" and clicking the "Enable" button within the "On Process Start" section.  Here you can provide your email address.  Then, click the "Enable" button next to "Continue to Send an Email" and configure it to send every 24 Hours.  Click OK.

          Another way to do it is to setup a report publisher to email you a small report every day, however the above solution is easier.

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            Hi Andrew

            Depending on how serious you want to get, another approach is to attach a GSM modem for critical out-of-band alerts and set up an external round-trip email test using the POP3 user experience monitor and an external email address (say, at Gmail) that auto-forwards back to an internal address that is monitored by the POP3 user experience monitor.  If any part of the chain fails, you get an alert straightaway.

            Rgds, Simon