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    Node Details resource



      This is probably more of an enhancement request than anything...I'm using NPM v10.

      On the Node Details "View" there is the Node Details "resource."  And this is the largest resource on the screen, taking up far to much real estate...but with lots of great and necessary info.  What I would like to see is:

      1. Add the serial number.  This is SNMP gathered info, and I've seen tons of requests on Thwack for the serial number of devices to be displayed.

      2. Add an "Advanced Node Details" resource.  On the main "Node Details" view display minimal information (i.e., Node status, IP, sysName or DNS name, Serial Number, Location, Contact).  Move the rest of the stuff to a new "Advanced Node Details" resource that is available via a new button within the original "Node Detail" resource.  Click the button and it will expand to reveal all the details.

      3. Also, while I'm asking  :)  ...the telnet and web browse features within the Node Details resource seem a little redundant since you can achieve this and more (SSH, RDP, etc.) with the icon buttons in the upper right corner of the Node Details view.

      I'm guessing this can't be done by customizing, but I could be wrong.  If this can be done, please provide me with a "How-To," otherwise, I'll assume this is an enhancement request.