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    Down Nodes - Description



      I need insert a little description in "Down Nodes" resource, like below:


      Is there any way to create this ?


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          I don't know of a way to modify the Down Nodes resource to add a description, so I just created a custom property for a description and then replaced the down nodes resource with a report from report writer that shows any node with a status of warning or down and also shows the value of the description custom property.  I attached screen shots of the report writer wizard for the report.  Let me know if you have any questions about how it's set up.

          Hope this helps!

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            I have covered this in numerous forum posts but it gets lost easily.

            Look at http://thwack.com/members/sotherls/files/StatusUpdateResource.JPG.aspx to see how we are doing it. There is a custom resource called 'Outages.ascx' which incorporates these fields and lets you see them on your views. You can find it here: Resource to display reason for outage (9.5.x)

            You need to allow some users to edit the nodes' custom properties, especially one called Status_Info'. Our Application Development staff actually put together a front end tool which allows our HelpDesk folks to post the data directly into the Status_Info field but as long as you allow thm the ability to edit the nodes that should work as well (and less complicated).

            Hope this helps.