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    Profile Collector service increases CPU utilization to 100percent -Storage Profiler Eval.

      Hi, in the process of evaluating and found out that we have a slight issue with CPU utilization.

      SAN profiler has been installed on a physical server (W2K3 SP2 2GB). Most things seem to be working find, except I noticed that the system became 'sluggish' when Profiler was installed.
      Looking at the performance parameters I found out that the CPU utilization was constantly running at 100percent, so I stared shutting down services to try and find out what was causing it.
      After some work I have now conclusively proved that it is the service called 'Profile Collector' which is causing the CPU utilization to jump from normal 20percent to 100percent. It stays at this 100percent rate for as long as the Profile Collector service is running.

      Any ideas if there is a workaround for this please ?