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    SQL Server Database Backup Strategy for Low Downtime Environment - How To?


      I am curious what other folks are doing for DR and HA for their Orion SQL Databases?

      Today after working with SolarWinds technical support on an Orion performance issue I was informed that Full Recovery Mode on the Orion SQL Server is NOT supported.

      We currently were running in Full Recovery Mode to support Transaction Log Shipping to a standby SQL Server.

      I was told by the SolarWinds SQL guy that I spoke with that they only supported Simple Recover Mode and suggested that I just do SQL Backups.

      After doing a bit of research on the SQL Server Backup methods, everything I read said that when dealing with transaction type data in a low downtime environment that you should be using Full Recovery Mode.

      This brings me to my question, what are other people doing to backup their Orion SQL Server in a low downtime environment so that their data is protected?