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    Selecting Types for Import


      Toolset 10.6

      I know how to connect to my NPM database for import. What I'm trying to figure out is how to filter what I want imported. I want to only import those nodes where Vendor is Cisco. I don't care if it's a router or a switch. I seem to be missing the point about how to select things to import and have some 10000 nodes in the DB so I need to trim my Workplace Studio Devices to only those I really care about.


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          In the Select Rows step you can check which rows you want to select for import. That way you only import the rows you care about.

          If you have a large number of devices you can export from your database and filter that export via whatever criteria you want. Export to a comma delimited text file or a CSV file. Then you can import that file into Workspace Studio using the Import by text or CSV file option.