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    Multiple down messages and no up messages

      Hi Guys,

      Hoping you can help me out. I'm reasonably familiar with Orion NPM having used it in my previous job but still not sure if that helps or hinders me.

      I started a new job and one of my first tasks was to upgrade IPMonitor from ver 9 to ver 10.

      It's behaviour with alerts has changed according to others.

      It is supposed to alert between lets say 8am and 10pm. If something goes down at say 5am we will not receive alerts until 8am at which point we will receive 3 alerts as per design.

      Now for the problem. If that alert is not fixed, the following day at 8am it will alert again, this is different from the past when 3 alerts was it. once 3 alerts were sent, no further alerts would be sent, period, unless of course it comes up in the mean time.

      Second issue is we are not getting any up messages.

      It is running on server 2008.

      And i turned it off and on (Sorry IT crowd jokes have been flying round the office today)