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    UnDP Delta For Counters

    Joe D

      I'm trying to figure out how to setup my UnDP and Transform for an interface. I can't seem to figure out how to setup the device poller to show me the difference from one poll to the next, I constantly get what the whole counter reads at each poll instead of just the difference. I'm probably setting the interval wrong or something but any combo I try it doesn't seem to work.

      Anyone ever get this working? I see a few posts about how a counter poller automatically does this but when I use the counter option on my poller it doesn't give me delta. Any options I seem to set on it give me the entire counter total.

      What I need is this:

      Current = <CurrentCounterPoll> - <CounterPoll5MinsAgo>

      Any ideas?

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          Andy Ng

          Hi Joe,

          Ensure that you are at least on NPM 9.5 and above, as there are known issues on Transforming COUNTER OIDs.

          Note that the delta values will not be seen straight on the UnDP Console, but rather... it is seen on the Web Console (if you used Web Display)

          Those values that are being shown in UnDP console are actually RAW values.


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                Can you post an example?  I have plenty of counters that do not result in delta being displayed in the web console.  It is my understanding there is no facility to do so for UnDP. That is why I requested the ability to call an external program via UnDP.

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                  Joe D


                  I had to create my own custom interface traffic graph, because the hardware vendor in question doesn't fully support RFC1213 MIB (which from the looks of it Orion uses stuff from here to verify if it can generate traffic graphs). This caused Orion to not create interface statistics on it's own for these devices, so I had to use this work around. I am using Orion NPM 10.0.0

                  Poller Settings:


                  Name: ifHCInOctets

                  MIB Val: Counter

                  SNMP Get: GET

                  Polling Type: Interface

                  Transform Settings:

                  Name: ifHCInOctets

                  Formula: Truncate((({ifHCInOctets}/1024/1024)/300*8),2)

                  *** NOTE ***

                  When you test your numbers in the poller, and transform tool it will show you the whole number, and not delta between the last 2 polls. This is where I was getting confused. When you add the poller to a device, and view it from the web page it will do delta for you, and show correct data if your formula is correct. I hope this makes sense...

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                  Joe D

                  You are correct the web page does show delta, and I was able to get this working with the poller/transforms I created.