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      the NetPerfMonService.exe on our server gets to 13% and then the polling Engine fails

      I have to terminate the service and then NPM crashes

      I have remove both NPM and NCM and reinstalled both but still get the error that there is a missmatch between 2 versions on the Polling Engine

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          The Polling Engine on Solarwinds cannot be be managed by this System Manager.

          Server "Solarwinds" is running an incompatible version of Network Performance Monitor.

          System Manager

          Compatibilty Level L - November 2006

          Solarwinds Orion Core Services 2010.1

          NetPerfmon Service on Solarwinds

          Compatibilty Level A- Before Version 6.4

          The System Manager and each Polling Engine must be running the same release


          NPM polling wont start.

          I have removed both NPM and NCM and still get the error