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    EOC - Feature Requests/Issues


      I've got a few feature requests for EOC :


      1. Need a Global Interfaces with High Utilization view (above 80%) - Global Top 10 interfaces doesn't fit the need.
      2. Need a Global Events summary with options like day, 7 days, etc like Orion
      3. Have said this in other posts but we need EOC to really pull maps from Orion instead of having to import them every time there is a change.  The maps should be updated on the Orion servers and EOC should pull them in automatically.

      Issues :

      1. I'm not sure about everyone else but the whole filter nodes using sql in EOC and Orion just isn't easy to use or works 100%.  I'm using Node.Vendor = 'Cisco' OR Node.Vendor = 'Juniper*' OR Node.Vendor = 'NetScaler' to only show network devices and this works for node status but doesn't work for events.  I also have Riverbed devices that won't sure up using the above syntax even when a system is down.  Can you just switch the view to use check boxes for vendors, etc for EOC and Orion?
      2. Global Node Status is showing yellow for one Orion poller yet all the nodes underneath it are green.