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    MIB's for Netasq


      We got some MIB's from the Netasq Vendor in order to monitor and receive traps can anybody guide me the correct steps to import the MIBS' to engineer tool set


      thanking you


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          You don't add MIBs to the MIB database yourself. If you can't find the MIBs you need in the MIB database you should contact customer support and request that your MIBs be added. Then SolarWinds can verify that your MIBs aren't already there under a different name and get them in if necessary.

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            Hi Muralee--

            Also, if you want your OIDs/MIBs included in the SW MIB, post them to the following thread.  The SW MIB is updated on a regular basis.

            Tell us your "Unknown" devices!


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              Hi Muralee,


              If you also have NPM you can use NPM to check your current version of the Master MIB for OID's from your vendors MIB.  Here is how:



              - Open the Univesal Device Poller program (Start -> All Programs -> SolarWinds Orion -> Network Performance Monitor -> Universal Device Poller)


              - Select NEW UNIVERSAL DEVICE POLLER


              - Select Browse MIB Tree


              - Select Search MIBs


              - Search by NAME (or OID) and then enter the Name or OID into the search field.


              - in this case I searched for BdStatsEntry found in the BD.MIB, and it returned this MIB information:




              This would mean the MIB is already integrated into the Orion Master MIB



              If you don't find anything, then you will want to open a support case and include the MIB in reply email to the initial case email.  We here in support will be able to integrate that in our next release (about every 2 weeks).