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    Network Device Monitor and Ciso Catalyst Switch CPU usage

      Hi All,

      I have installed the free tool "NDM" with a view to monitor the CPU usgae of our core switch. It just that we have done some mulitcasting configuration on our core switches and would like to monitor the CPU  usage just to ensure the new config doesnt kill the swich CPU.

      The MIB that provides the value for the CPU usgage for 5 mins is cpmCPUTotal5minRev (.

      But the above OID is not present or i am unable to locate this OID in the MIB Browse tree in the NDM apps. I can drill down to  . in the MIB tree but there is no 109 entry (Cisco-Process-MIB) there.

      Please advise. Is there any other way to incorporate it or am i just missing it.