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    Expired maintenance breaks CatTools timer?

      Our maintenance expired 33 days ago and now CatTools will no longer run the timer.  I can add/edit devices and manually run a "backup configs" job, but if we start the timer it never runs and next time we go back into catTools it is like the timer was never set.

      Does letting maintenance expire disable some catTools features?

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          Steve Welsh

          Your maintenance expiring has no effect on your current installation of CatTools or any of its features.

          You will not however be able to upgrade to a later release of CatTools if your maintenance expired before this later version was released


          The timer in CatTools is stopped automatically whenever the Manager UI is opened (if an activity is currently running, then this activity should still complete as normal).

          You can set the timer to automatically start whenever the Manager UI is closed by setting the When exiting the Manager should: option in the   Options > Setup > Misc (tab).

          By default, this setting is on "PROMPT if the timer is off" which will display a message-box when the Manager UI is closed, if it detects the timer has not been enabled.


          If your timer is turned on correctly when you close the UI, then the problem is likely to be one of two possibilities:

          1) the activity has not been enabled.  (ensure there is a 'tick' mark next to the activity within the Activities pane).  See the highlighted activity in the 3rd screen-shot in the following on-line help page: http://www.kiwisyslog.com/help/cattools/pan_overview.htm

          2) your activity settings are incorrect.

          - Check the 'Activity' tab of the activity setup and ensure the 'Persistence' option is set to 'Permanent'.

          - Check the 'Time' tab of the activity setup and ensure that the 'Reoccurring' option is not set to 'Now' or 'Never'; that the days of the weeks set are relevant; that you have not set an invalid custom schedule.



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              I verified the activities are set correctly.

              It has worked normally for over a year, but now the timer only runs if we leave the manager application open.  As soon as we exit the manager application even with the timer running, the timer becomes disabled.  As long the manager application on the server is open and the timer is running it works as expected.

              A few days ago I left the manager app running (did not close it like we did in the past), and it has been working normally.  Yesterday I was able to RDP to the server, stop the timer, add two new devices, manually run the job to verify they worked, then start the timer.  Last night the job ran on the timer as expected but only because I did not close the manager app. on the server.

              So it appears the manager app. must now be running, as if the service is no longer a service, catTools it is just a windows app. that only runs when the manager app. is running.  I have verified the KiwiCatTools service is started and set to automatic.