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    How to add a custom mib poller in an existing resource


      I have been asked a couple of times now to provide a list of all ports in the company that are DOT-1X enabled. I am trying to create a new view or try to find a way to update existing resources to show if an interface is dot1x is enabled or not. I have created a custom interface property and a custom poller to to identify the dot1x port status.

      Here i'm starting to get into trouble. I would like the custom poller to update the custom interface property, an preferably i would like to have the custom interface proterty displayed in the default resource "current percent utilization of each interface" or in the "All Interfaces on Selected Node" of the Node Details view.

      To summarize :

      - is there a way to populate the custom interface property with a custom poller?

      - is there a way to modify the resources to include the value of the custom interface property?


      I'm not very strong in the programming department, but with a few instruction, i should be able to make it.


      Anyone any ideas/suggestions?

      Thx and brgds,  Wilfried