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    Netflow Traffic Analyzer only sees Public Address due to Router sitting in Front of ASA Firewall

      I am currently monitoring Traffic on a Cisco Router and have configured Netflow to work through the ASA to the NTA server on the INSIDE.

      My problem is that I only see Public Addresses or NAT'ed addresses which does No good for trying to find out which inside address is using

      the resources.


      I need to know if anyone has found a work around configuration that allows me to see INSIDE PRivate addresses when the Router sits In Front of the ASA
      when this happens all INSIDE IP addresses are NAT'ed and that is what shows up on the NTA

      When the Router sits behind the Firewall life is good

      It's more likely this issue is a design issue, but just wondering how many people stick their firewalls in front of their routers?