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    Feature Suggestions with a twist -  Network Intimacy


       So I have been tinkering with own personal view trying to get a better handle on my network.  Sure I know the server farm switches are busy and the cores probably get hit heavily.  But unless you look at some stats do you really know?  So I have things in my view like top 25 interfaces by percent utilization, top 25 errors  and top 25 by traffic transferred and I cut the view down to just chassis switches (4500/6500/7k/5k etc) and its like someone turned on a light in a dark room.  Before where I had assumptions now I know things like my interswitch links do nothing during the day but light up like a Christmas tree at night during backups.  Now I know that connections to my blade chassis's are suffering badly.

      So would it not be awesome if NPM put these peices together for you?  So maybe I could click on a switch node and see a visual of it with overutilized ports marked flashing red or underutilized ports marked blue.  Maybe NPM could send alerts out for interfaces that are taking a pounding and should be looked at or maybe alert on ones with high error rates (I know I can do this now but I am looking for something more deeply intuitive than alerting when over a hard threshold).

      Little things can mean a lot, like seeing total traffic transferred today in the pop up when you hover over a node, maybe there could be a cool canned report you could run that showed "interfaces in trouble" that looked at utilization and errors.


      I guess my long winded point here is that all the stats and reports are awesome, but the next step is going to be connecting the dots automatically with the goal being to look at a few screens and getting a good feel for your network. 

       Quickly finding troublespots or resources headed for trouble can go a long way for resource planning and proactive maintenance which is a boon for the customer.  Being able to do so easily and out of the box would be a boon for solarwinds.