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    WAN Optimization Reports



      We're getting ready to start a WAN optimization pilot and I loaded up the WAN optimization reports.  I'm seeing some strange things and I think I know why but I wanted to see how everyone else was using the reports and how they configured them.  Currently our install looks like this:

      Switch ----- Compression Device ----- Router _____WAN____ ----- Router ----- Comp-Device ------ Switch

      |--------------------SITE 1--------------------------|                          |---------------------SITE 2-----------------------|

      We watch the switch port and the router port at each site but we're seeing some strange numbers. (Negative compression.)  We don't have the devices enabled yet so there shouldn't be any difference in the traffic.

      My guess is that because of the polling intervals the port on switch 1 is being polled then a couple minutes later the Router 1 interface gets polled and the results are different and the numbers are off.   I would think the only way to get around this is to monitor the interfaces on the compression devices but we don't have the ability to do that right now. 

      Has anyone else ran into this problem?  Did you find a way around it?


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          I too have optimization devices in my network. If you only monitor the flows of the router when you look at them you won't get the proper source and destination information becuse you will just get the port number of the WAN optimization device. So what we did was just monitor the WAN Optimization device and configured it to send the data flows to the collector and after that we are now seeing the proper source and destination information. On some of my sites I still monitor the router and the WAN optimization device but doing this will count against your inferface count for NPM.