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    How to add poller for Netgear Readynas 3200

      I want to be able to add custom pollers for this device. Has anyone allready done this? I am not really sure where to start.

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          This process really all depends on what are you trying to monitor?  The MIB OID's supported by the Netgear can be plugged into the Orion UnDP (Universal Device Poller)  with or without SolarWinds compiling the MIB file. 

          Typically the way I approach this is that I will use the MIB Walk tool in the Engineer's  Toolset to show me what is supported on the device and then export  that to Excel.  I can then search the form in the OID descriptions for  the value I'm looking for (VPN Connections, port values, etc).  The tool  exposes the OID and the raw value polled durring the walk to help  identify the value.  You can then copy and paste the OID back into the  UnDP of Orion and set up the poller. 

          The advantage to having SolarWinds compile the MIB (which you would have to ask Netgear for) is that it makes  the set up process easier in the UnDP and it also makes it easier to  validate that you are monitoring the correct OID.  The definition from  the vendor can be reviewed using the SNMP  MIB Browser tool in the SolarWinds  Engineer's Toolset if the MIB file has been compiled (which based  on experience, most MIB files have been if it's been available to the  public for any length of time).  The UnDP will use the information from  the MIB file to help automatically configure the right settings for the  poller, but this can all be manually configured too.  


          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems