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    IPAM DB Backup best practice guide



      I am looking for a best practice guide for back up the IPAM database.

      Any input is welcomed.

      Thank you


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          mark wiggans

          It's simple.

          Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Database Utilities > Database Manager.

          Locate and right-click your database in the Database Manager tree in the left pane, and then click

          Backup Database.

          The IPAM and NPM Databases are not separate.

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            The IP Address Manager is using the same database as the Orion NPM.  IPAM is just a module that adds onto the NPM.  That said, all you need to do is set up a back up for your NPM SQL database. 

            There is a tool in the Orion Start Menu that will allow you to manage your database and has a back up utility in it.  This tool is the Orion Database Manager (Start>Programs>SolarWinds Orion>Advanced Features>Database Manager)

            If you open this up and connect to your SQL server, you can right click on the database and start a scheduled back up.  This backup will create a *.bak file.  Once you start the backup, you can use another utility to move and archive the file elsewhere in the network. 

            ...and then


            Jason Henson
            Loop1 Systems