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    Graphing APC Batteries


      We recently installed some APC UPS units.  I'm running Orion NPM v10.  When I added the units, I selected the Example pollers:

      upsAdvBatteryCapacity, upsAdvInputLineVoltage, upsAdvOutputLoad, upsBasicBatteryStatus

      But none of that data is showing up on my node details.  I even tried to customize the page, but couldn't find pre-build gauges or graphs to reflect that data.  Do I need to create new graphs, or is there a way to add them?  I was kind of assuming since the pollers were included in the default NPM install, that the data would show up somewhere in the node details?


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          Have you added Universal Device Poller Chart or Linear/Radial Gauge resources to your Node Details view?

          To add these resources:

          1. Open a Node Details view in the web console for one of you monitored APC UPS devices.
          2. Click Customize Page in the top right of the view.
          3. Click + next to the column to which you want to add your UnDP resources.
          4. Add the following resources:
              Note: Click Submit at the bottom of the Add Resources view to set your additions.
            • Node Charts > Universal Device Poller Chart
            • Node Guages > Universal Device Poller Linear/Radial Gauge
          5. Click Edit in the top right of your new UnDP resources to select the Universal Device Pollers you want to view and configure other resource options.