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    Cannot get Profiler to communicate with Backup Exec 2010

      Hi All,

      New to Profiler, and we are in the process of trialing the software. The reason for this is that we don't really have anything else that will report back on our backups.

      I have added in 2 servers...1 a live server, the other in a lab environment. However, on both, I cannot communicate with BE at all. Strange thing is that I can see server performance statistics, and even the 1 EVA we have...but not Backup Exec itself.

      The 1 server shows: BU Server Unknown. No communications coming through (although I can see server performance statistics).

      The other states: BKUP_CONFIG_ERROR: Invalid Backup Exec install directory. Value: C:\\Program Files\Symantec\\Backup Exec <-- why would it have double \\ when that is not what shows in the config that I set up?

      Anyone able to help with this? I haven't heard anything back from the guy I got an email from at Solarwinds yesterday (tried to log a call for this)...If this works, it is going to be our silver bullet for a number of our solutions!