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    Help with interface monitoring removal


      We recently migrated from Trend micro to Symantec Endpoint for our AV. In doing so we removed trend from all the machines but later found out that it doesn't remove the "Trend Micro Common Firewall Miniport" and now everyday I have 252 alerts stating that the interfaces have disappeared and could not be remapped.

      Now I have 2 choices, either 1: go through each server and manually remove the port from every network adapter and virtual net adapter, forcing everything to have to be restarted in doing so (I made this mistake with one server already, thankfully not a major player) or 2: find some way to tell Orion to ignore these ports permanently and then I'll be able to clear my alerts log out and be able to track real issues. Please help. I'd really prefer option 2.


      Thanks in Advance

      Norman Jeter