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    Support for new device (MikroTik), or help with custom script


      I'm trying to get a backup running config from a MikroTik router, with the script templates included in the Kiwi Cat Tools Enerprise version 3.5.0 we are running.

      I have been able to login into the system via telnet, and get the correct prompt, but when I execute the command to print on screen the current config, I get something like this:


      [admin@QSACOMAD-01] >                                                          

      [admin@QSACOMAD-01] > /export

      [admin@QSACOMAD-01] > /export


      # jun/18/2010 13:01:24 by RouterOS 3.15

      # software id = ********


      [m[36m/interface[m [m[36mbridge

      [m[35madd[m [m[32madmin-mac[m[33m=[m00:00:00:00:00:00 [m[32mageing-time[m[33m=[m5m [m[32marp[m[33m=[menabled [m[32mauto-mac[m[33m=[m[32myes[m [m[34;1m\

          [m[32mcomment[m[33m=""[m [m[32mdisabled[m[33m=[m[32mno[m [m[32mforward-delay[m[33m=[m15s [m[32mmax-message-age[m[33m=[m20s [m[32mmtu[m[33m=[m1500 [m[34;1m\

          [m[32mname[m[33m=[mLoopback1 [m[32mpriority[m[33m=[m0x8000 [m[32mprotocol-mode[m[33m=[mnone [m[32mtransmit-hold-count[m[33m=[m6

      [m[36m/interface[m [m[36methernet

      [m[35mset[m 0 [m[32marp[m[33m=[menabled [m[32mauto-negotiation[m[33m=[m[32mno[m [m[32mcable-settings[m[33m=[mdefault [m[32mcomment[m[33m=""[m [m[34;1m\

          [m[32mdisable-running-check[m[33m=[m[32myes[m [m[32mdisabled[m[33m=[m[32mno[m [m[32mfull-duplex[m[33m=[m[32myes[m [m[32mmac-address[m[33m=[m[34;1m\  [...]"

      While it should look like this:


      [admin@QSACOMAD-01] > /export

      # jun/21/2010 09:27:22 by RouterOS 3.15

      # software id = ********


      /interface bridge

      add admin-mac=00:00:00:00:00:00 ageing-time=5m arp=enabled auto-mac=yes \

          comment="" disabled=no forward-delay=15s max-message-age=20s mtu=1500 \

          name=Loopback1 priority=0x8000 protocol-mode=none transmit-hold-count=6

      /interface ethernet [...]"


      It seems like some characters are not well recognised, and I wanted to know if it could have an easy solution (something similar you have detected before) or if it should be neccesary a more exhaustive investigation, even including the support of this kind of devices in future releases.

      Thanks in advance.