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    ConnectIt and Discovery compaint


      Ok, so I see the Connect It tool and it looks good.  BUT, and there is always a but, there is a major drawback to it coupled with discovery. 

      1- Connect it only works on a sonar discovered list, making all the manually added devices in a network useless for layer 2 Connect It.

      2- Dicovery via Network Sonar has a MAJOR problem.  It only discovers by what ever address responds first.  If you are like many network administrators, you have followed the recomendation of vendors like Cisco and have your devices set to poll by a loopback address.  The advantage of this is that as long as there is any path to the device, the loopback address will respond.  Where as polling by the first address that is found leads to polling by an interface address which may go down and show the device down, yet it is still up and reachable by other interfaces.

      Rediscovery is not an option if you are pollingby loopback address.  Network discovery will find the device by the first address that answers and will add the device again creating a duplicate entry.  It does this because it matches existing devices by IP addresses and not the DNS name.

      So my questions are why doesn't layer 2 discovery kick in when I do an individual rediscovery from a devices managment/edit page?  Why can't a filter be added to discovery to allow it to discover by a type of managment interface?  Why can't discovery match via IP OR DNS name?  Why can't existing devices do a rediscovery and then have layer 2 information?


      Any one!!!!! Any one!!!!

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          CollectIt actually is ConnectNow :)

          Regarding #1 we understanding this limitation.  This is 1.0 of automated topology functionality in Orion.

          If we discovery multiple IP's for a single device within a discovery profile, we de-duplicate it.  However, if the same device is in two different discovery profiles, then yes, we will add it twice.  This is a known limitation with Network Sonar.  

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              Ok so what you're saying is we have to maintain the Sonar discovery file?  As far as the de-duplication is concerned it still looks like it only does it by IP address and not DNS name.  My problem is that I have thousands of devices that I have manually changed over to loopback addresses from the non-loopback address that was discovered.  I can't do a rediscovery with out the same device name showing up again under a different IP address and therefore can't use ConnectNow.  And from some of the other comments from users this is a common scenario

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                If we discovery multiple IP's for a single device within a discovery profile, we de-duplicate it.

                Brandon, which ip is used when doing de-duplication?  In the case of Cisco, please say Loopback.  If there is no loopback specified, is the highest interface address used?