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    sonar question


      We added most of our nodes manually as the last rev of sonar could not distinguish between a different types of serial ports i.e. a T1 PTP for data and a channelized T1 for voice and we only wanted to add WAN circuits on the routers. So my questions are:

      1) can sonar now do this, i.e differentiate types of interfaces to that level

      2) if I use sonar to rediscover do I need to add in all of the interfaces?  

      We want to start using he mapping software and use the sonar results to create the maps but not add in interfaces we do not monitor. i.e we only monitor WAN and LAN links between switches

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          To my knowledge, the Sonar discovery can not distinguish the interfaces you are describing. 

          The discovery does need to be run though in order to populate information used for the mapping in the Network Atlas.  You don't need to import anything from that discovery though.  Note though that the map has to have all nodes with physical connections placed in the map in order to draw the line. 

          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems