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    Logging in to a DLink DES3250GT


      We just bought cat tools yesterday and have setup an activity to backup the config of all of our switches - for some reason the built in Backup activity does not seem to do anything, so we have used the SendCLICommands activity and for the most part this is working fine. However for one of our DLink switches, a DES3250GT, we find that we get an error stating that an unexpected response was received after entering the password. I logged on to the switch via telnet and found that this switch has a different prompt to all the others, it has "remote>" rather than "MODEL#>" (where MODEL is the model of the switch). So I tried putting remote> into every single field of the Prompts tab for that device (individually, not all at the same time) but still get the same error.

      Any suggestions?



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          I've marked this for the PM to review.


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            Hi Chris128 - could you open a support ticket so we can get you fixed up? And welcome to SolarWinds!


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                Steve Welsh

                Hi Chris128,

                With regards to the 'Prompts' tab; the type of prompts being referred to are 'Please enter username' and 'Enter password' type of prompts from the device (i.e. prompts to you the user to perform an action), rather than the actual device hostname prompt.

                If CatTools is having issues with the device hostname prompt not being the standard expected prompt, then a device debuglog should be able to verify this (support will talk you through this after you've raised your support ticket)

                In the meantime though, I'd recommend clearing any data entered into any of the 'Prompts' tab fields, as this will make troubleshooting the hostname prompt easier.

                In general, the 'Enter username' & 'Enter password' type prompts should already be handled by CatTools within each individual device script, so there shouldn't be any need to try overriding them within the 'Prompts' tab.



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                    Thanks for the explanation - do you not think it would make sense to have an option to specify the "input command" prompt (or device hostname prompt as you called it) though? Then we might have been able to do this easily without needing to raise a support ticket etc.

                    I've written a VB.NET program that connects to the switch and sends the required commands now but it would be nice to keep it all within CAT tools so I'll raise a support ticket shortly to try and get this resolved.