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    V10 Install issue

      Was trying to install v10 in windows 2008 (64bit) with sql express 2008.

      When i run the config install i get this error

      " Run-time error '-21474672161 (80004003)':

      Value cannot be null.

      Parameter name: path1


      Wont let me finish the v10 install and go the system manager. Finished configuring the sql server with express 2008 .

        • Re: V10 Install issue

          If you goto Add Remove Programs

          UnInstall Orion Core Services 2010.1

          UnInstall Orion Network Performance Monitor v10.0

          If you have any NPM Modules Uninstall these too.


          Afterwards ReInstall the Products Orion NPM

          and if possible leave it itstall to default Location


          And this should resolves your Issues.

          If not please log a Support ticket and we will help resolve this ASAP.

          Thanks, Kevin

          • Re: V10 Install issue

            Hi devr--

            Once you tried Kevin's suggestion,  would you post your results for the benefit of the community?