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    crypt32 error



      I´m getting a lot of this messages in my event viewer:


      Event Type: Error
      Event Source: crypt32
      Event Category: None
      Event ID: 8
      Date:  6/14/2010
      Time:  10:22:17 AM
      User:  N/A
      Computer: xxxxxxxxxxx
      Failed auto update retrieval of third-party root list sequence number from: <http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/authrootseq.txt> with error: This operation returned because the timeout period expired.

      What could create this issue ?

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          That is a Windows error, a quick google revealed this link:

          Windows Crypt32 Error

          It revolves around Windows wanting to install an expired root certificates update.

          From a newsgroup post: "I have manage to solve the this error by  downloading the authrootstl.cab manually and installed the certifcate  manually too. I have not seen the error event anymore since then. I also  replaced the crypt32.dll just to be on the safe side."

          Hope this helps.

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            Mark Roberts

            This error being due to the fact that the server does not have Internet access to update its root certificates.

            The easiest thing to do is to remove this feature, as it is redundant in this scenario:

            1.  Goto Add/Remove Programs > Windows Components

            2. Untick Update Root Certificates and click next