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    Profiler server build

      Hi everyone, I'm new to the Profiler software and am wondering about what the processor requirements are for monitoring backup exec software. I have read the Profiler Installation pdf and understand that it requires

      • Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/vista, linux redhat or suse, Solaris
      • 2gb or ram
      • 50gb for storage on a non raid or cluster drive

      What is the minimum processor requirements for it? or I should say recommend? Currently planning on a Intel Xeon E5320 1.87 ghz. Will Profiler work on a lower end processor?

      Also, I am planning on a windows 2003 server build SP2; are there any microsoft services that are prerequisites for the Profiler server that aren't included in the SP2 version? ie: microsoft net framework or other things.

      Thank you for your responses!

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          It will work with a lower processor speed. No pre-requisites like .NET etc. Just make sure there is no other application that requires MySQL on your Windows 2003 server build, and ideally no other application listening for SNMP Traps on port 162. The common service that can block port access to port 162 is Microsoft SNMP Trap Service