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    Not able to View more than 150 descovered subnets


      We have several DHCP servers loaded into IPAM and a combined total of 371 DHCP scopes.

      For some reason, I am only able to view the details of the first 150 subnets. 

      If I click on the "discovered Subnet" folder in the left pain, I see the subnets listed in the larger pain on the left, and a list of the first 150 subnets listed under "Discovered Subnet", then a message saying "150 items listed".

      I have 4 pages worth of subnets in the left pain, so I can click through the pages to see all the 371 subnets listed. If I click on any of the first 150 subnets listed, it opens the subnet and I can see all the IP address details as expected. But as soon as i get down to the 151 or higher subnet, it does nothing when I click the subnet link. It's like it just ignores my mouse click all together.

      Any idea what is causing this. Is this a possibly a bug?