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    Any extra WIRELESS view resources?


      I need a seperate view to show all Wireless THIN AP - sort of like this from the Wireless Summary View. So that I can see at a glance when any are down (RED).

      I created a WAN DASHBOARD with guages of all our Primary and Backup circuits and want to include a Wireless Thin AP view but what I tried doesn't come up as RED (down).

      I tried using this URL's 'view source' content by using a 'Custom HTML'. This URL came from the Wireless Controllers Details View but when any AP goes down it does not show up RED.

      It must be something in the page code to change the status from GREEN to RED. But using my 'Custom HTML' looked good but the status change would not show up.



      I do have a few older WIRELESS resource views but they date back around two years ago when we owned the seperate Orion Wireless module but they no longer work with Orion.

      Is there any way to use this Resource and get the status changes (GREEN to RED) like I want?